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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can non-members purchase land and houses?
    Mhasibu housing company is open to both members and non-members but members will get land or houses at a discount.
  2. What are the benefits to the Members of the Sacco?
    Mhasibu housing company limited is fully owned by Mhasibu Sacco. Members of Mhasibu Sacco are members of Mhasibu Housing and are given the first priority when an opportunity arises.
  3. What do I need to have to purchase land or house?
    You need to come to our office at view park towers with original identity card .
  4. Do you provide finances?
    Financing is done by Mhasibu Sacco through borrowing from personal savings through loan process.
  5. Who can become a member?
    For membership visit Sacco website www.mhasibusacco.com
  6. What is the Membership Fee?
    Registration fee is Kshs.1000 once off while monthly contribution is from Kshs.1000 upward.
  7. Is the Membership fee refundable?
    Membership fees are non-refundable.
  8. Where will be next the projects?
    We will be communicating through this website when we have a new project.
  9. What will be the dimension of the sites?
    Mainly our plots are either a quarter, an eighth, half of acre or one acre.
  10. Is MHCL a private company?
    Mhasibu housing co ltd is a private limited company owned by Mhasibu sacco.
  11. How many plots per application?
    You many buy as many plots as you can as long as they are available.
  12. When is the project going to start?
    We have a time frame for every project mainly three month time.
  13. The Buying Process
    1. Land identification: MHCL identifies a suitable piece of land and negotiates a good price based on economies of scale. Due diligence is done.
    2. Notification: Available property is advertised to members and the public through website, newspaper adverts sms and email.
    3. Financing: SACCO members and non-members pool resources to purchase the land. Mhasibu members can get loans toward these purchases.
    4. Survey & subdivision : The land is surveyed and subdivided as is necessary. Beacons are put in place to identify individual plots.
    5. Allocation: Stakeholders are allocated their plots on first-to- complete-payment, first-to-select basis.
    6. Legal requirements: MHCL guides the process through all the legal requirements until the issuance of individual titles to the allotees
  14. Mhasibu Housing Account Details
      A/C NO: 01136170735200


      A/C NO: 6763090015


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